Development log

1. 2023-08-01 - Welcome to Pool Ticker: DCONE - 0% margin

# Information

  •  Name: DCOne Crypto Pool

  •  Ticker: DCONE

  •  Website: dconecrypto.finance

  •  Saturation: 0%

  •  Live Stake: 440k₳

  •  Declared Pledge: 2904₳

  •  Active Pledge: 2904₳

  •  Margin fee: 0%

  •  Fixed fee: 340₳ 

# Link:

# Image:

Pool [DCONE] DCOne Crypto Pool

Cardano Stakepool - DCONE

2. 2023-07-22 - Koios Community

# Information

Projects built on Koios let's join hands to develop CardanoKoios and Cardano Community

DCOne Crypto Overview:

- Projects building on Koios

- Koios Contributors

Congratulations guys! 

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3. 2023-06-06 - Lace.io thanked the community

We want to say a massive thank you to all those DApps that have supported #LacePlatform so far: @SundaeSwap

@TURF_NFT @anetaBTC @DCOneCrypto @Explosif_io @spacebudznft @MutantNFTs @adahandle @MuesliSwapTea @nmkr_io @wingriderscom @cardanowarriors @meshsdk

4. 2023-05-09 - Changelog developers cardano


All of the merged PRs in March

PRs: 24

Contributors: 14

5. 2023-04-26 Funded Project Reporting & Milestones Guidance

🔥🔥 🔥🔥 JUST IN: DCOneCrypto is excited to be at Catalyst's "Funded Project Reporting & Milestones Guidance"

Funded Project Reporting & Milestones Guidance Funded Project Reporting & Milestones Guidance

Funded Project Reporting & Milestones Guidance

6. 2023-04-21 Wallet connection launch

🌟Do you have a few reminders 🌟

Wallet connection launch date #Cardano 🚀🚀

  • Connect to wallet list

  • "Buy me a coffee" for the author of the article We are very excited to officially launch after many working days!

7. 2023-04-16 Project verify Launch Day

🌟Do you have a few reminders 🌟

 Launch Day #CardanoCommunity🚀🚀

  • Cardano Ecosystem Map

  • Add a new project, add a new IDO, ISPO, add a new event, add a new vote

  • Project verification

  • Track wallet stake balance to Telegram, Discord, Webhook

  • Project comments

  • Project ranking

We are very excited to officially launch after months of hard work! 💪

8. 2023-04-12 900078 - Project Close Report - DCOne Crypto- Fund 9

A. Name of project: DCOne Crypto

● Project URL on Ideascale/Fund: https://cardano.ideascale.com/a/dtd/414416-48088

● Project Id: 900078

C. Date project started: November 2022

D. Date project completed: March 2023

E. List of challenge KPIs and how the project addressed them

● Enhance the interaction between the project owner and the community by sharing project information, events, creating polls in multiple languages

● The community has a more general view of the project, transparently viewing comments & reviews, project ratings

● BOT tools so that all users can connect between the project and the community and our team developed BOT to send project announcements to the community automatically, check the token price (ADA), change stake key ADA balance, monitor shark wallet balance fluctuations, quickly check stake key balance and they notify telegram, discord for connected users

● Everyone how to connect to Cardano blockchain without blockchain technical expertise so we provide API, Webhook for programmers to be able to connect to cardano blockchain more easily, get information projects from project owners are listed in DCOne Crypto via APIs

● Promote the development of the cardano ecosystem. Everyone needs a place to see all the projects (developed, in progress, and coming up with ideas) on Cardano via DCOne Crypto website, Twitter, Telegram channel, Discord and via API connection

F. List of project KPIs and how the project addressed them

● We have created website functions for project owners to update, list their projects on DCOne Crypto website and can create events, vote, comment, rate. The project owner can automatically authenticate the project (Verify project owner) if it has been listed before.

● We have created BOTs (Telegram, Discord) to increase project interaction between project owners and the community by automatically sending (project information, events...) to the community via Telegram, Discord. At the same time, it helps everyone to quickly see the token price, stake key wallet balance...

● We provide API, Webhook to connect Cardano blockchain in a simple way

● We provide API technical documents to connect projects, connect BOT & Webhook

● We have built Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Youtube communication channels

● Our team tries to contribute the source code of the products to cardano foundation & developers cardano

● Run marketing campaigns to get community attention and attract new users to DCOne Crypto and listed project

● Maintain uninterrupted website & server access, performance & security monitoring. Improve API responsiveness and always build a backup system when website & API problems occur

● Expanding other countries' languages to make it easier for users to use the function

G. Key achievements (in particular around collaboration and engagement)

● We are mentioned at Catalyst Weekly #69 through the development of projects and products that contribute to the development of the Cardano ecosystem here

● We contributed to the development of the builder-tool at https://developers.cardano.org/tools under the name "DCOne Crypto Webhook API" Note: Now available on the staging branch: The main branch is waiting for the development team to build from the staging branch to main

● We contributed on essentialcardano.io here and here

● We have listed over 100 projects with moderated and detailed information from project owners & community about Cardano projects

● Run marketing campaigns to get community attention and attract new users to DCOne Crypto and listed project

● Website: https://dconecrypto.finance/ecosystem-map.html

● We have more than 500 community users from registering to use the website & BOT, have more than 1000 people join Telegram, Discord, Twitter channels

● Twitter channel: https://twitter.com/DCOneCrypto

● BOT: https://t.me/DCOneCryptoBot

● Telegram channel: https://t.me/dconecrypto

● Discord channel: https://discord.gg/MWjEHhYE

● We provide API, Webhook, connection documentation, video used to connect to website, Cardano blockchain in a simple way: https://docs.dconecrypto.finance/

● Video overview on how to use the function: https://youtu.be/PARUKHONkkA

H. Key learnings

1. There are many people who have very good knowledge & experience about Blockchain & Crypto, especially Cardano. They are also happy to share their experiences with the community.

2. We had a chance to talk with some members of Cardano, IOHK on github and Telegram & Twitter like "Daniel Ribar 🐣 Read CIP-1694 yet?" on TW, "Robert Phair" on github, "RdLrT" on github and telegram. Some prominent project owners such as: TapTools, gimbalabs, Indigo, Koios, etc

3. Even in the current market that is going down, there are still people coming to us but not many projects yet.

4. The connection between us and the project owner is still a lot of people who do not know about the DCOne Crypto project, possibly due to different languages or time zones

I. Next steps for the product or service developed

1. First we will try to maintain the DCOne Crypto project & website, BOT, Social Channels, API, Webhook after the project ends on Catalyst 9 Fund. The cost of running will be based on the donated wallet & contributions from the community or project owners

2. Build & contribute more connecting tools and libraries for the community and developers to better & easier interact with the Cardano blockchain

3. We have been building a Cardano Node, an additional API to contribute to the Cardano development team

4. We are building more article library functions to convey information, highlight events for the community & SDK for programmers to connect

5. Besides, the team is building a function to integrate the wallet into the website to be more decentralized and towards preparing to release tokens and ISPO in the near future.

J. Final thoughts/comments

● We are a group of people who love the Cardano Ecosystem and want to spread the Cardano project information to the community so that more people can know and join Cardano. We can develop products, websites, channels, BOTs not quite professionally but we do it with our inherent passion for the Cardano ecosystem and are a founding developer of the project.All The achievement is the development of the DCOne Crypto team.

K. Links to other relevant project sources or documents. Please also include a link to your video here.

● Website: https://dconecrypto.finance/ecosystem-map.html

● Document (API): https://docs.dconecrypto.finance

● Twitter: https://twitter.com/DCOneCrypto

● BOT: https://t.me/DCOneCryptoBot

● Telegram channel: https://t.me/dconecrypto

● Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/MWjEHhYE

● Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ-IVfXKYJjm1afyAua5Ovw

● Github: https://github.com/DCOneCrypto

● Forum Cardano “Catalyst Weekly #69”https://forum.cardano.org/t/catalyst-weekly-69-challenge-teams-film-festival-treasury-gui

● Developers Cardano “DCOne Crypto Webhook API”https://developers.cardano.org/tools?name=DCOne+Crypto+Webhook+API

● Essentialcardano: https://www.essentialcardano.io/glossary/dcone-crypto


The closing video : https://youtu.be/PARUKHONkkA

9. 2023-03-23 Koios Cluster as Instance Provider

💙 Project sponsored by Catalyst | Project: DCOne Crypto 😁

🔔 We are pleased to announce #DCOneCrypto #CardanoKoios & #Cardano

🔥 We have successfully contributed to Koios with "Koios Cluster as Instance Provider" at Cardano Community's "koios-artifacts"

🚀 Twitter: https://twitter.com/DCOneCrypto/status/1638800794555396096

#CardanoCommunity #DCOneCrypto #Koios

TEAM DCOne Crypto:👇

Website | Twitter | Discord | Chanel Announcements | DCOne Crypto Bot | Contact

10. 2023-03-20 developers.cardano.org

💙Project sponsored by Catalyst | Project: DCOne Crypto 😁

🎉🎉🎉 JUST IN: Happy to announce my community! #developers #cardano team has updated the project list & now we are officially on the website


🚀 Twitter: https://twitter.com/DCOneCrypto/status/1637803467736588288

#Cardano #Developers #DCOneCrypto

TEAM DCOne Crypto:👇

Website | Twitter | Discord | Chanel Announcements | DCOne Crypto Bot | Contact

11. 2023-03-13 Catalyst Weekly #69

💙Project sponsored by Catalyst | Project: DCOne Crypto 😁

🚀#DCOneCrypto is pleased to announce information to the #Cardano community

😁 We are honored to be present at some of #Cardano's information channels:

💙 Available on Developers Cardano as "DCOne Crypto Webhook API" (we are now on staging-dev-portal branch and maybe in 1-2 days it will be available on main branch )

➡️ Link staging-dev-portal branch: here

➡️ Link main branch : here

💙 Available on Catalyst Weekly #69 as a notable project

➡️ Link here

💙 Available on Essential Cardano with technical contribution project and the project to contribute to the development of the #Cardano ecosystem

#DCOneCrypto #Cardano #CardanoCommunity #DevelopersCardano #EssentialCardano

TEAM DCOne Crypto:👇

Website | Twitter | Discord | Chanel Announcements | DCOne Crypto Bot | Contact