Project Catalyst Fund 10 of the team
Project Catalyst Fund 10 of the team DCOne Crypto

📌 Team @DCOneCrypto sent everyone 02 proposals #ProjectCatalyst Fund 10 of the team.

Hope to get:

- Get views 👀 at 02 links below

- Get applause 👏 at the 02 links below

- Receive feedback from everyone's comments 💬 at the 02 links below

1. DCOne Crypto API for Open Source Developers


2. DCOne Crypto Upgrade V2


⚡️ DCOne Crypto API for Open Source Developers (Development & Infrastructure)

- We provide an entire open source API service system that queries data into the Cardano blockchain infrastructure for developers to access and use.

⚡️ DCOne Crypto Upgrade V2 (Products & Integrations) DCOneCrypto will be the platform:

- Update project information regularly on Cardano ecosystem.

- DCOne V2 crypto upgrade & wallet integration (Eternl, Nami, Lace, Yoroi, Gero, Flint, Typhon ...)

- Analyze real-time data on buying/selling, swapping original assets, building project price charts

- Provides access to chart analysis, a visual tool that aggregates DEX transaction history (Minswap, Winggriders, Muesliswap, SundaeSwap).

- Wallet Portfolio Tracker. - Project evaluation reporting tool & file export support (photo, pdf, qrcode)

- Global dashboard overview & Cardano blockchain trends insights.

- Cardano blockchain knowledge sharing article system & bounty distribution to authors.

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