Indigo Protocol

An algorithmic, autonomous synthetics protocol for on-chain price exposure to real-world assets.

This proposal is used to modify the parameters of iUSD. You can see the changed values below.

Minimum Collateral Ratio

110% -> 120%


Users can now mint $iETH in and trade $iETH on Cardano DEXs soon.

Readme: click here

The Indigo #DAO has whitelisted $iETH

This proposal, if passed, will whitelist an iAsset within the Indigo Protocol. The iAsset's MCR, oracle source, and related temperature check are below.

iAsset Name


Minimum Collateral Ratio


Oracle NFT Policy ID 6c9497ffd7e8baf86c3c0d6fcd43c524daa49ad5fceba26d715468e9

Temperature Check Link Click Here

Vote link:

Nguyen Chi 2023-03-05 10:12:47

Promising project and I am investing to earn more profit, We should stake indy and stable stake pool to earn more income from staking, also we get profit from stake ada. This is the optimal return investment channel I am using. Everyone should join soon

Dự án được back up một cách không chính thức bởi quỹ Wave Financial bằng việc dùng 20 triệu ADA thế chấp để mở vị thế cho iUSD iBTC và iETH