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Cardano Ecosystems Update August 17, 2023
Cardano Ecosystems Update August 17, 2023

✅ World Mobile Token Vietnam successfully hosted a football event, and there's a possibility that Micky (CEO of World Mobile) will visit Vietnam to play football with the WMT Vietnam community. So, for those of you passionate about sports, get ready!

✅ Indigo has updated its interface with a beautiful new design and fixed several display issues.

✅ Genius Yield has announced a Testnet in September, with participation limited to users who hold OGs (ISPO NFT). It's not certen yet if there will be any retroactive rewards.

✅ AnetaBTC has finally launched its mainnet on 9th August 2023 after after a long wait. There have been a total 11.6726  cBTC minted. Major news outlets like Binance, Yahoo, WatcherGuru, Coinmarketcap, etc. have reported on this extensively.

✅ Wanchain is also promoting their bridge on the Cardano blockchain.

✅ ADAHandle: You can now customise your own handle according to your style, with prominent features such as adding backgrounds, URLs, QR codes, etc. For detailed instructions, click here.

✅ Optim Finance seems to be taking a new approach for Catalyst with a financial game. Specifically, Optim plans to mobilise up to 50,000,000 ADA in bonds delegated by the community during the upcoming Snapshot Vote event. They will then use this ADA to vote for any project and distribute rewards back to the community.

✅ Santiment's analysis: The trading sentiment with Cardano is currently low, down 35% compared to four months ago. However, the whales and large holders haven't reduced their positions as much as anticipated. There are currently around 25,294 wallets holding >100k ADA, the highest in 16 months.

✅ BBO has successfully completed the first Snapshot Mirthrill signing at 10:22 AM 14th August 2023.

✅ There are only 1 days left to register for Catalyst Voting . Make sure to register soon to participate in this significant on-chain event.


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